Flying saucer lowered above street intersection

It was 30 years ago I saw a UFO. Was stopped at an intersection with a military base to my right and a sandwhich shop on the diagonal corner. It was about 9:30 at night and pretty foggy. I was stopped at the light and all the lights of the traffic signals started flashing: red, yellow, green. All at once. There were people in the car next to me looking up and I looked up to see a craft, like a lit up bright flying saucer, lowering into the intersection. This was no dirigible. A couple was outside the sandwhich shop just frozen. The craft moved to the right about 30 feet at lightening speed, and then back to the left and then up and dissapeared. There were lights flashing in a band around the craft, and the band was rotating, round and round. When the craft dissapeared one moved. We looked at each other to stunned to speak.

When I got home I called the base and of course they said it was more than likely a “Weather balloon”. Could have been our military I suppose(?) secret project maybe. I still haven’t seen anything close to it. -Valerina

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