Freeport, Long Island 1974 UFO

In 1974, at the age of 10, I was living in Freeport, Long Island. I had been playing with my younger sister in her bedroom early in the evening, and at some point saw some intense lighting coming through her front bedroom window. When I went to the window and looked out, I saw an object with red, blue, and yellow lights hovering over our neighbors house directly across the street. I shouted for my sister, to come look at it, she saw the same thing I was looking at. After a few long seconds it started to move up vertically, and then it just took off with great speed. When we told our neighbor directly across the street about the U.F.O., hovering over his house, he started laughing, and said it was most likely his new antenna that created the image. At the age of 10, I knew that was silly. I do remember being scared for a while, believing the object may return for us. -BNY

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