Ghost children

Well I have long term insomnia caused by growing up in a house as a teenager that was haunted by spirit ‘children’. I’m not kidding here. It was extremely scary. They would start after we would turn in for the evening with the lights off. The incidents weren’t confined to the night time. They often liked running around the house during the day. I couldn’t see them. Thank god for that or I would have never slept. But I can tell you that they loved running from one end of the bungelow to the other. You could hear groups of pitter patter feet running together.

They didn’t seem to like when other people would come over to the house especially if it was over night or for the weekend. And my teenage friend stayed with me one weekend and experienced it all firsthand. She freaked when sitting in the family room one evening she said she saw a kid run up to her. She said she saw him clear as day with jean type clothes and a dark maroon shirt. She never stayed with us again.

I moved out of home really early to get a good nights sleep and peace of mind. Unless you’ve really experienced something like this you will probably have doubts. I know enough to know that ghosts are real and there must be some sort of afterlife or something of the sort.

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