Ghost in old Victorian Hospital

I am the worlds worst cynic. I went to work on the night shifts at an old Victorian hospital near us. It had the long ‘Nightingale’ wards that you could see right down. I was due to go on my break on the next floor, the nurse in charge asked me to do a quick check of the ward before I went. As I walked down the dark room I could see a lady out of bed leaning over one of the other patients. I went straight to the end of the ward to help her back into bed thinking she was probably a bit confused but there was no-one there. I walked around the beds twice to see if anyone was awake but they were all fast asleep.

When I got back to the nurses station I told them that I would swear there was someone out of bed, dressed in a long white nightie and wearing a night cap. They just looked at one another and said, ‘oh, that’s our ghost, don’t worry’. I keep an open mind now.

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