Ghost in the Grandfather Clock

In 1993 I was about 6 years old and I saw a floating figure in my house. At that time I had the chickenpox and was staying home from school for several days. One night I could not sleep and got up to get a glass of water from the bathroom. There was no cup. My parents were sleeping as it was very late. I was going to go downstairs and get a drink. It was very dark down the stairs and into the little area of the hallway where it forks and you make a right to the kitchen. In the area space of the hallway before it splits we had a very tall grandfather clock in that room against the wall before you can turn to the kitchen. It was much taller than me at that age. It would chime loudly every 3 or 6 hours I can’t remember which. It was a creepy ring that would last for some time. Well I was slowly walking down the stairs trying to adjust my eyes to the dark as there was very little light and no nearby switches. When I reached the bottom of the steps there was some movement at the end of the hall that caught my eye and made me freeze in place. There was some kind of floating thing that was very faint but large moving down the hall from the guest bedroom towards the kitchen. It all lasted maybe 3 seconds. It floated towards the clock and seemed to pass through it or into it. It’s hard to explain what it looked like as it seemed like it was phased out or barely there if you can fathom. I could not see legs almost like a floating torso but hard to make out most features. It terrified me when I saw it I was stuck in place. I could not move I was so scared. Eventually I made my way upstairs backwards still facing the hallway as I could not take my eyes off the clock. It was one of the scariest moments of my childhood and I never told my parents or got my glass of water.

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