Ghost of my hamster

I saw something which I cannot explain once, though it wasn’t remotely scary. As a child of about 9, I saw our pet hamster (deceased!) dart across the upstairs landing. I knew it wasn’t real because I could see through it, although it had colour around the edges. I knew it was a hamster rather than a mouse because of the shape, though it seemed a little larger than normal. My Mum was in a different room nearby and I shouted “Mum, did you see that?” She said “Yes, it was the hamster.”

My Mum believes in ghosts, but at the time I didn’t. Then we searched for any mouseholes in the bathroom, which was where the ‘thing’ had run into. The weird thing is, not long before the little creature died, I had asked if it could ‘play’ upstairs, as I had the childish feeling it didn’t like being cooped up in the cage and had wondered what lay at the top of our stairs. My Mum had said no, because it would get lost. I’ve had a passing curiousity about ghosts ever since. -Marie

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