Ghost Woman in the white dress in Nicaragua

When I was younger as an engineer it was a friday. I was at a friend’s house after work the day was over and all my friends were drinking. My boss he even was drinking. Me? I was okay I did not want to drink this day. I like to drink back then but not this day I did not want any. My boss he was very drunk he was like “Hey man I wanna go home. I need to go home now.” He tells me this. He had a blue toyota landcruiser. The little town he lived about 20 miles from the highway. It was about 2 miles to the highway from where our work was. Halfway to the highway we must cross this very narrow bridge with no safety wall. So anyway My boss wants to leave. He was drunk. I can’t drive I only drove motorcycle at the time. He asks me If I wana go back home. It was like 11pm. I was trying to convince him to stay here for the night, but he said he had to get home to his wife and this and that. I said it was too dark that way for him to go. I said well I can’t stay here like this I have no ride. So I went along for the ride.

I was sitting on the middle hump, he was driving. We got close to the bridge and I had my left hand on his shoulder and was telling him hey keep it straight. Then he goes forward and he stops as he approached the bridge. When he got there he hit the breaks. And when he hit the breaks I saw the outline of a woman sitting on the driverside in the flatbed of the truck. I could see her there in the rearview mirror as the breaklights lit up the back area. Now he can see it. Now I got out the passenger side of the seat and opened the door. I went around to the back of the truck to speak with her. I said “hey honey what are you doing back here, where are you going?” Now I was having youthful thoughts there was a young looking girl with a nice figure sitting back here probably lost. Her head was hanging down and her hair was covering her face. She started to stand up after I said that to her and when stood up she dissapeared infront of me. I heard a faint laugh after she vanish. I reached for the door handle to get back in the truck. I tried to speak and tell my friend hey she dissapeared! But I could not speak. My tongue was not working. My legs were heavy bags of sand as I walked to the car. My friend was shouting out the window for me to come on. He was aready starting to drive the truck. He was moving it as I tried to reach the handle. I got in the truck and my friend he crossed the bridge and stopped quickly in the gravel on the otherside. There were stories of a ghost woman in area of where we were but always thought it was bullshit.

He pushed me and asked me what happened. My friend seemed to have sobered up now and he shook me by my shoulders and asked me again. I was sobbing but could not talk and my friend slapped me hard across the face. It caused a ringing in my left ear, but it woke me up from the shock. He yelled at me again and said “What happened What’s wrong!!?” I told him the woman back there dissapeared. He said “Shit! It’s true what the people say!” We turned around and went back to the friends house. We were too scared to make the full drive back that night..This was in Buaco, Nicaragua.

70 miles away Managua Nicaragua. My Grandmother and I saw something like this as a child. I saw almost the same thing a year before my sister passed away. One night about 10pm I was coming home from University. Very tired and hungry and ready to rest. That night I was lifting the chain to the front door to get inside the house.When I was pulling the chain I saw through the window inside. It was a woman coming from my grandmother’s room and went to the kitchen. She was not walking the way she moved. I could not see her legs and her face was covered in the darkness. I couldn’t believe it. Who was she? And she was wearing a dirty beige dress. Like she was digging in a garden. The second door in the front was locked and my grandmother came and unlocked the door. She acted like everything was normal. I asked grandma “Hey is everything ok? Is someone sleeping with you in there? I saw a woman come out from your room and go to the kitchen.” My grandmother walked with me to the kitchen and turned on the lights. There was nobody in there. “I said I saw somebody open that door and go into the kitchen.” My grandmother told me “No you are tired go to sleep.” I told her I know what I saw.

The next day I was not there and my grandma was cooking stuffed meat and slicing fruits. My uncle came in and was greeted by my grandma. He went to go use the restroom. In the hallway to the restroom behind him my Uncle saw the woman in the beige dress. He turned around and looked back and she was gone. He went back and told my grandma and asked about the woman. My grandma through her apron down marched back to the restroom and my grandma quickly came back and yelled at my uncle “Hey That is very disrespectful what you are doing to me bringing a woman with you to the restroom when you know I am here!” My Uncle replied to her “what are you talking about mom, there is nobody in there!” They both went back together and there was no sign of the woman. My grandmother went to her priest the next day and told him the events at our home. They saw her too and it was the same woman I saw many years later 70 miles away.

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