Ghostly Activity

Many people ridicule those who state they have experienced ‘Ghostly’ activity, yes it is hard to accept, until one experiences such an event. A petrol garage my brother had many years ago was troubled by ‘strange events’. From the workshop temperature suddenly plummeting, and the cold moving through the MOT bay. Interior doors left open, were often firmly shut the following morning. One night I was working late at the garage and shut the place up. Next morning I opened the site, but the lock was undone, as it had snowed after I closed up anyone opening the padlock would have made footprints, there were none. Around 3 a.m. one morning our telephone rang, the local police station calling to say our ‘alarm’ was going off and was disturbing local residents. Half asleep I headed for the site, when I arrived, indeed there was a gathering and police vehicles. I opened up the place and having stated we did not have an alarm those who’s sleep had been disturbed were not at all convinced. -Ted

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