Ghosts of my lost pets

In 1988, our house was burned down by the person who lost it to foreclosure. In the fire, we lost my very senior cat, and a little stray dog we had had for some time, and nursed through a severe bout of anemia form a heavy flea infestation. One rainy day, while visiting with an out of town friend who had stopped by to visit, one of the double windows across from where they were sitting cleared completely. and my very stable mother saw the little dog in the pane. Before she could say anything, her friend spoke up and said ‘look, look! That’s your little dog in the window! It only lasted for a few seconds, but with the other lady speaking up first, there is no doubt that the vision was there briefly.

Just so you know, Mom never was a “spooky” type person, and indeed was not going to say anything because she thought it might be trauma induced, but the OTHER lady saw it and spoke up first. We decided the little dog came by to say thanks for trying to help me. Have not seen anything from the cat, but she had never been hungry or a stray.

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