Giant Being Appeared to us in a field

I know there exists alien life because I saw it many years ago along with my best friend as we drove late at night along a country road with neither street lights nor houses. Suddenly a giant being, perhaps 25 – 30 feet away appeared to us standing close to us in a field. It did emote it’s own light. Extremely bright and shimmering. No words were exchanged as for some reason tears ran down both of our eyes. Tears of wonder and joy, not fear.

After several seconds it disappeared. This being illuminated itself to us another two times for a total of three appearances all in the same spot. After a long time of it no longer appearing we left the car and walked into the field, close to the road where we witnessed this appearance.

As we walked through the grass with flashlights in hand we were disappointed not to find any evidence of the beautiful creature being there. I don’t know what it was, but my guess would be some kind of angelic being.This occurred nearly 50 years ago. -OB

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