Golden “Soccer ball” orb on I-77 near Galax Exit northbound Virginia

My husband and I had a experience on I77 several years ago. We were in Virginia, close to the Galax exit on the northbound side. It was bout 3 A.M. And a round multifaceted golden colored orb, about the size of a soccer ball, was headed straight for the windshield of our van. We thought it was going to hit us but it veered to the left side of the van and passed us at about the level of the mirror on the door. We looked back and it resumed the track it was on and kept going. I had no time to break or swerve when I suddenly saw it coming at the windshield. It was going to hit or move. There were no other vehicles in front or behind us and none on the south bound side. It was absolutely crazy. We still talk about this but have come no closer to an explanation of what that was. Not ball lightning for sure!

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