Green ball of light

my hubby is now 78 and when he was a teenager, walking home one night he stood and warched a green ball of light go from cloud to cloud across the sky, he watched it for about 10 minutes then it just shot off, in those days there not many planes about and to this day he still cannot explain what he saw, A few years later after we got married we were out for a walk one evening, it was a very clear night no clouds in the sky and we saw a group of lights hovering above us, at first we thought they were planes night flying, but they were not moving and were in a group of about six, we stood watching them and they suddenly disapeared. to this day we still do not know what we saw, never seen anything like it since, do I believe in UFO’s don’t know but they are two unexplained things that happpened to us, untill you see something that you cannot explain away, you cannot judge what other people see.

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