Hand on heart I saw a ufo

Hand on heart I saw a ufo kind of object very high in the sky about a month ago as i sat in the garden enjoying the morning sun however it appeared translucent to me shiney but not the reflected light of the sun over it. It moved very slowly almost hovering across to a position just below the sun causing me shade my eyes and to squint while watching the object move. Eventually after three or four minutes from my perspective the object rose from its position just below the morning sun (11am ) to a position where the sun was fully behind it and obviously I could no longer look at it. I know I saw it but fully expect to be treated as a ‘nutter’ and I have no idea what it might have been. It wasnt a plane as I saw these at the same time or a balloon or helicopter. I just know I saw something for the first time in my sixty plus years for which I have no explanation .

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