Help from my Guardian Angel

In the mid 90’s, I did a talent show hosting gig at a club in Houston. When the night was over, I went to the manager and said “Can you pay me now, it’s getting late, I gotta get home”…then he said “Oh no, this wasn’t a paying gig, you was auditioning”…and I got shocked and kept screaming give me my money and we’re both staring at each other like we’re about to fight…and keep in mind, I’m by myself, I’m a woman standing there with two big men who could’ve done anything to me…

there was this man sitting in the corner of the club, he walks over and says “Monique, are you okay?” …and I said “I’m good brother, these guys got some of my money”…when that man out of nowhere came, a calm arrived. No one knew where he came from, because the club was empty. Then the men finally handed me over the money and me and that guy who comforted me walked out of that club together side by side, and when we got out I turned around to say thank you so much, there was no one there. That man was a guardian angel from above. – Monique

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