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One early morning a few months ago I was in a rush to get to work. In a clumsy fluster I threw my bags in the bag seat of my accord and got in the driver seat. Fumbling with my keys I start the car up. I pulled my seatbelt down and heard the satisfying click of it locking in like any day. Checked both sides of my windows I was clear. Turned on the radio to local news. Hit reverse and started back out the driveway. I felt my seatbelt slowly pulling and it just slipped right off. I hit the breaks at the edge of the driveway to refasten it and this very large 16 wheel truck comes speeding down the road carrying these concrete piping. If my seatbelt hadn’t come off I would have been toast in my little car. The truck wouldn’t have had time to stop and shouldn’t have been going so fast!

I’ve had this car for 5 years and my seatbelt has never become unhooked by itself. It was not partially fastened. Coincidence?

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  • Sylvester Tredgett

    Did you so thank you?

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