Himalayan Yeti 2005

Alright this is a true story and took place back when I was in the Himalaya Mountains in 2005. There was a rock and mud slide that covered the mountain road. It was a hot hot day in August. It was so hot nothing was moving. I sat on a rock next an Indian man on the roadside waiting for the road to be cleared away of rocks. Suddenly across the valley on another side of the mountain about 30 yards from me I saw a fast moving horizontally traveling powerful figure moving with incredible strength and vigor especially since it was so hot and all life seemed to by silent. At first I thought it was a man. His back was V-shaped and had incredible musculature that I could see. His back was rippled with muscle. He had hair not like that of a bear or ape. It was long strands of white hair hanging and not very abundant as I could see through to his chiseled muscles. He was grabbing on to roots and making his way vertically across the mountain and then he vanished into a cave. At first I thought it was a strong super man because his white hair on his body was not like an ape monkey or bear but his power was beast-like. I looked at the man next to me and he just shook his head. we both were shocked and stunned. It was a viewing of no more than 15 seconds.
I am an American from New York City and I had a court reporting assignment in India and after my work was completed, I visited the Himalayas and I witnessed what I believe to be a yeti. It was somewhere along the way between Rishikesh and Gangotri. This is an honest account of what I witnessed and I will never forget it.

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