Huge craft over my house

I saw a UFO about 6 years ago, it must have been about 2.30am. I was laying in bed watching Big Brother Live (yes..ashamed) and suddenly there was a really loud strange humming sound, kind of vibrating echo. It was very low pitched it felt like it was buzzing right through my bedroom. It was that strange sounding that I got out of my warm bed at 2.30am and had a look. When I looked out the window there was the weirdest looking object above the house, it was huge and it was so low down & was moving right over the house, very very slow. It was curved at the front and hooked round at the back & had dim green lights around it. The humming sound was so loud and before I could even think about it what i was looking at, it had just vanished in thin air.. when I told my mum about it she said I must have been dreaming, but no, I could tell her what was happening on BB Live just before that happened (lol). It was the weirdest shaped object and I just remember the horrible sound.. so low pitched, felt like it was vibrating through my whole body.

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