Huntsman at Girl’s Guide Camp

When I was about twelve I went to stay at a Girl Guide camp in a large country house. We were sleeping in a large wooden chalet in the grounds. I plainly remember waking up alone one sunny morning in the middle of summer around 5am and distinctly heard a huntsman’s horn being blown, I also heard hounds gathering and barking and yelping. I was at the time lead in the bottom bunk and to be perfectly honest, I was too petrified and in total awe to even move.

Then two “people” seemed to arrive because although I was actually lead in bed at the time, I could feel them near me. I could hear the pounding of the large hooves of the horses on earth that they were riding close to my bed. They were talking in cut-glass accents, but the speech was completely indecipherable. After a few moments they moved off with their horses and hounds.

At breakfast, I quietly asked the Guide in charge if they hunted in that area, she said no and looked at me weird!

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