I can feel when you look at me

I can’t say that I’m psychic however I do feel like I am in tune with certain abilities or senses that I think most humans can tap into. One thing over time I have realized I can always tell when someone is looking at me. I can feel it just like a sound or touch. And it never fails I can always turn behind me and see someone looking at me or look over stopped in traffic and see someone staring at me just to quickly look away when I catch them. I can be completely absorbed in something and not be able to hear or see someone enter the room but look up and see them there because I felt a change. You could be standing behind me while I’m sitting at a desk with headphones on reading a book and I will know you are there within a few seconds. The other day I went for a long jog with my ipod on the forest trails and went for sometime before I felt as if I were not alone. I turned behind me to see a older bald man with sunglasses walking along the trail in my direction. When I am sleeping you can’t even stand by me because I feel your presence there. Many times I have had a dream and had it come true later down the road usually it is an insignificant thing but it is almost like a deja vu feeling when I realize that I dreamed this event. I also know when a friend is about to call or who it is before I even answer. Or even when I’m about to get a text. Sometimes I may even hear my text alert sound in my head a few seconds before the real text even arrives. That really trips me out. I want to improve these abilities but wouldn’t know how to proceed.

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