I hesitate to label what this was 11-24-2015

I don’t really want to label what this was so I’ll just explain my experience. This happened in a suburban area of northern Florida. After about midnight one week ago I was taking my dog in the front yard to pee. She was just sniffing around for a while not doing anything. I was going to walk her across the street to the strip of grass that runs along this 4 foot wooden/wired fence that encompasses part of the neighborhood. There is nothing but about 50 feet of trees and shrubbery on the otherside of the fence before you hit a private road and more patches of wilderness.

We start to walk across the street to some grass when out of the corner of my eye I see some movement about 30 feet to the right of us on the other side of the fence. I turn and look and see slight reflection of some eyes of a large black mass that was crouching down, turned stood and ran behind some bushes. We were 3/4 of the way to the grass and I could hear some HEAVY footsteeps clunking behind the trees. This guy was fast it covered some ground from the sound I could hear. It sounded almost like steel towed boots stomping on the ground. I caught a glimpse of the large dark outline of something or someone quite taller than me i am 6 foot. It sounded like whatever it was did not expect to be seen and was panicking as I could hear it run back and fourth between the bushes. It was very heavy footed. It sounded as if it was getting closer and I decided to take my dog back in the house.

My brain was not computing what it was. I went back outside and stood between the pillars of my house with the front door cracked open just incase of anything… I couldn’t hear any sound except some lone bird squacking in the distance. The bird made this situation a little more creepy for some reason as it wouldn’t shut up. I stood there puffing on my e-cig for a good 25-30 minutes just watching for movement and listening for anything unusual. There was a strong sense that I was being watched and that whatever it was, was out there still close. After the 25-30 minutes I went inside.

Running through the possibilities of what it was through my head I could not sleep for a long time. It was too large to be a deer. I want to say bear but I didnt see any facial detail just the glimpse of eyes and the movement. If it was a bear or mountain lion/panther it could run upright and it was very very tall. Close to NBA player height. If it was a human they could move like a track runner, very tall and were wearing some kind of disguise that covered their face and body in black except for the eyes. I was also thinking prowler/burglar but the way they moved and their ability to navigate in the darkness I just dont know.

Needless to say I barricaded my front door that night. Nothing like it since then… – JD

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