I know there are Aliens I have seen one

I know there are aliens as I have seen one, while in my van in a traffic jam, I and my workmate saw a young white male sitting in the back of a car that was directly in front of us. He was just sitting there and we conversed about how long we would be stuck there. That is when as we both were looking forward we saw this young male just move his head side to side so fast his head disappeared to all we could see was blur, then as he slowed down the form of his head took shape again, it moved so fast like a vibration it lost its real shape , about 45 seconds after seeing this stunned I turned to my mate and asked him ,”did you see what just happened” he said “yeah… this guy….. his head just vibrated away…… ” , of course its hard to believe but when you see it with your own eyes and confirm it with someone who sat right next to you then thats conclusive enough for me to say that humans can’t do that, so make of it what you will. So do I beleive in UFOs ? I have to say yes, I’ve seen unusual things in the sky like most people but who has seen anything like this? I would say lots of people but unreported for their own personal paranoid reasons. I’m not kidding or lying or tripping or delusional in any way or making fun of UFO people.. Something IS here with us on Earth! It’s all secret.

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