I know they are here UFO sighting – Preston, Lancashire, England 1988

i know there here seen them back in 1988. I saw a dark ufo and it came right over my car on the way to work! It was at the most about 30ft above my car as I was driving. this was a ufo no doubt about it for me it was not a plane or a gas cloud! but a real life ufo i could see windows and afigure at the window looking out. He was shrouded in shadow but skinny and spindly. It had a round dome on top of it and small bubbles of lights underneath it. and i seen this thing flying around me on my way to work on the night shift at preston on a duel garage way. It left overhead i didnt see which way it went. i felt weird about this for a few days just not right.

Then a few days later it in the sun news papers ufos seen all over the world so you see i know there here and i dont care at all if anyone at all believes me or not at least i know

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