I left my body

Greeting to anyone who is here reading my weird story. It is still hard for me to explain it properly so I will do all I can for you. I’m not clear on how long this all went on only guessing is my option so I think around 5 hours.

One night after a long day of school and working at the store for a part time shift after I went home for the night. I decided to lie down on the couch and not eat dinner as I felt I was catching a flu or something. I was getting drowsy and just lay there staring at the ceiling. Well I do not know when or how long it was before next but i felt a weirdness that I was not completely inside my own body any longer. I felt as if I had grown close to the ceiling right now. It was then I looked and turned to only see myself laying there on the coach with my head up on the arm rest. I was not in me.

I remember feeling very excited and happy when I now knew I was out of my body. I floated out the window and my perspective view would switch sometimes from how I could look at things. That is hard for me to describe. I floated out to the street light and above to the top of the trees. I still felt the happy feeling but I knew I was getting far out away from my body. I didnt care or want to go back into my body again. This is when I felt a massive rush of images and information. It was feelings there attached to the images. It all came fast and I felt more grateful for this feeling . It was things happening in the future on our planet and beyond. I feel great things will happen on this earth very soon. It was an awakening of light inside my soul. It was a feeling like I became plugged in to the grid of energy of the universe and it surged through my entire being. A powerful enlightening feeling of love and harmony with a message of peace.

Eventually I felt a tug from my body and it was pulling me back which from where I was which now felt like in the clouds. I did not want to de-tach from the uplink of energy from the grid and miss anything I was trying to be told. Maybe I became overloaded. The tug was to strong to fight and it pulled me back down like a rope. I was in my body again awake and looking at the ceiling.

I feel like I was shown all this important and incredible information that I need to know but I cant seem to remember it now. I just wanted to share this with you all and see if anybody has had anything like this happen or if you think it was just a dream. I have been trying to make this out of body experience happen at night before bed but cant do it again yet.

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