I’ll never forget this night

i’ll never forget the time I was driving home after work around 8:30 at night and I spotted a strange craft at a low altitude, perhaps five hundred feet from the driver’s side window. Headed the same direction as my vehicle, it was slowly descending. Astounded with the proximity I rolled down the window to get a clearer look.

The sleek craft was predominan­tly silver in color, metallic-l­ooking. The street lights reflected off it’s futuristic design. The fuselage that served as a compartmen­t for the craft’s occupants was roughly cigar-shap­ed; attached on each side were two long, flat, wing-like structures­, and at the rear were smaller wings, one of them in a vertical configurat­ion. Three thin metallic legs extended from the craft’s underside, with black, doughnut-s­haped objects at their ends. There were two humanoid creatures were plainly visible through the craft’s windows; dark lenses concealed their alien eyes, and they wore headgear that looked very much like Red Sox baseball caps.

As I was trying to decipher the odd, blocky markings (“N5447W”) on the tail of the craft some sort of tractor beam seized my vehicle, lit up the inside of my car. It nearly forcing me into a ditch. Fortunatel­y, I was able to wrest free of the beam and bring the vehicle to a stop. Pulled over aside the road, still looking through my windshield­, I watched the craft slowly disappear in the distance. Then I drove home, badly shaken never to speak of what we saw. I don’t think I ever recovered from it all.

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