Indianapolis UFO

I don’t have a picture to show you but after our house was built back in 2007, one of the first nights here I saw something that I can’t explain or draw a rational conclusion that what I saw was a human craft.

At the time we were the only house here (others were built later that year) so we were kind of issolated, located close to the Indianapolis Int’l Airport. I served previously in the USAF and have seen all kinds of aircraft in a lot of different situations (poor visibility, cloudy, stormy, snow/rain, etc) and can pretty much spot aircraft in those types of condicions. I’ve seen aircraft lights “dancing” around due to cloudy weather so I know how weather and the like can do optical illusions on what you see. However this “craft” I saw was about 3,000ft in the air, it looked like a big oval which had an luminescence dim yelowish/green light. It was probably about 20-30ft long and it had a prism of light trailing behind it. There was no sound and no other aircraft were in the area. It traveled at about 200kts or so from west to east…then it started to yaw to port side, then starboard. This thing then sped up and it looked as if it just disappeared in an instant! I don’t know what it was that my wife and I saw that night so yes, I have seen a UFO.

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