Intentionally Induced OBE

Being an experiencer of many weird things I’m delighted to find a site focused on some of these matters. This subject has been a focus of mine since I have been able to do it. I’ve had many lucid dreams, some of which could be classified as OBEs. One particular OBE worth noting I took a nap in the middle of the day and floated right out of my body. I was hovering on the ceiling of my room looking at myself and took control. I walked/floated out through my wall and flew up higher till I could see over the other houses. For some reason I suddenly realized that I could control every aspect of nature and started shooting lightning out of my hands at buildings and cars etc. Then my brother showed up and I started showing him all the great stuff I could do. Woke up soon after that. (This was before I started playing video games and reading.)

There is one other one that was particularly disturbing and was an intentionally induced OBE. I was in total darkness and could sense myself but I could not actually see myself. I envisioned a tingling sensation slowly unraveling my body and leaving only my consciousness. I heard a voice tell me to follow it and it felt like I was being led through an unwinding spiral hallway. (still black) When I got to the end there was a huge staircase going up towards a glowing hovering ball. It was hundreds of feet above the ground and nothing was supporting it. I started to walk up the stairs and I looked down to see people marching in lines towards the horizon. Everything felt really ominous. At some point I turned to the side on the stairs and was instantly transported back to my apartment but when I looked at the floor directly it was transparent and I could see the people marching far below. Then I heard the voice again (I wish I could remember what it said.) Whatever it said seemed really important, I turned and looked at my body on the floor (which didn’t go transparent this time) Then I regained normal consciousness. I went over to the table and started to write down what I heard the voice say. I got about two letters down on paper and then felt like for some reason, something very bad would happen if I actually wrote this down. So I didn’t. I tried to commit it to memory instead but by the end of the day I had completely forgotten.

I can still recall every detail of that last one 12 years later, except for the voice at the end. I think that is what I find the most odd about that experience. I could literally paint pictures of the things I saw as I saw them like they were photographs sitting in front of me and I could tell you everything the voice said except for the very last thing.

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