“Jellyfish” UFO Raleigh, NC 2001

Personally I’ve had one true UFO experience that I don’t much ever mention for the usual reasons. Most all of these stories here sound nuts, but I’ll throw mine onto the pile. It was some 14 years ago Sunday on a warm Summers afternoon. I was simply setting up a fully loaded BBQ for the family luncheon. My entire family that was there for the cookout saw this with me. We were about to sit down and start serving when there was something unusual spotted by the children flying about 800ft in the sky. It looked like a big transparent jellyfish and it was floating vertically above the houses. It was moving slowly maybe 15 miles per hour and looked to be several hundred feet in size. It moved in a sluggish manner and you could see near it that there were 4 independent lights that had managed their way behind the object. There was a light color to the ‘jellyfish’ it that seemed to slowly change its colors. It almost appeared alive but something told me it was mechanical. We could see each light fly up into it and disappear inside of the thing! I am absolutely telling the truth. For what felt like another 5 minutes it moved off into the distance before it popped into thin air gone like that.

This was in Raleigh, NC at about 4pm. There has been no explanation to what it was.

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