Large Moon UFO

People tend to be very cynical when it comes to UFOS but in 1962 or 1963 -it was about 50 years ago my brother and I were walking home one evening from Longniddry in East Lothian to our home at Redcoll about a mile from the village. It was late summer and still light. Suddenly this massive object came over the horizon from the east and rose up into the evening sky. I said to my brother ‘look the moon is moving’ and a chill ran down my spine as I feared that something dreadful was about to happen. The object was larger than a harvest moon and appeared to be covered in craters. It took about 10 seconds to travel an ark high in the heavens and suddenly disappeared at the speed of light becoming a dot in a fraction of a second. No one else appears to have seen this amazing object and it was not reported in any media as far as I know but I do know what I saw. It was not ball lightning or a fire ball or a weather balloon. Not swamp gas, a satellite, hot air balloon or airplane. Can anyone explain this phenomena?

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