Large suspended triangle 30ft long 1996

This was in 1996. I was just 15 then. I saw this triangular thing suspended in the sky at night at the regular height you’d see a helicopter. It was maybe 20-30 ft big, the ends were bright orange and in the middle was a round same color light. It was completely silent, then it turn all orange-red bright and flight away “to the speed of a shutting star”. This happen in just 3-5 seconds. 10 years later I was on you tube watching weird videos and for the first time ever I saw a picture of a UFO just like the one I saw. to be honest looking at a picture of it on the internet it looks fake. But I saw what I saw. I don’t know what to think, I can’t believe the military could build something like that over 20 years ago, is way too advance, and why fly it over a residential area in the middle of Miami early at night.

Maybe we don’t really know what our scientist are capable of doing today. Btw, I don’t really care if ppl don’t believe me, I’m not trying to convince anyone, just sharing my experience, I know that out there someone else sow that too.

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