We were visited in the forest

One time in the fall of last year while camping with my friend in upstate NY in large stretch of pine forest, we were visited by something in the forest. to this day I can not figure out what it was. it was a red glowing ball of light that floated down from above the tree line and settled behind a tree about 50 ft. away from us. as i crouched to get a better look in the darkenss, 2 glowing red eyes peered out and watched us from behind the tree. it stayed there for a good 5-10 minutes…always watching. i’m not saying it was anything specific…a demon, ET, etc…because i wouldnt know what to tell you to be honest. i was frightened and baffled. we watched it..and it watched us. the forest was SILENT during this time. no birds, owls, crickets…nothing. and as quickly as it floated down to us, it slowly snuck behind the tree and i never saw it again. it was TWO GLOWING RED EYES, they didn’t blink, they were very large, i shone a light at it and nothing changed in it’s appearence but it HAD NO PHYSICAL FORM i could discern. any ideas? im’ soon going to go back and find it

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