Light in the sky did something weird

I saw one light in the night sky that did something weird. If you’ve ever made the check-mark symbol on a piece of paper, like a grocery, or to-do list, that’s what the light did. It was flying at a very high rate at a downward angle, and then without a single pause flew up and away on the upward stroke of a check mark, at a truly shocking rate of speed. Vanished completely in probably one second. Not a clue what it was, but nothing in nature changes directions like that. Especially without a pause, and at some insane rate of speed. I don’t do drugs, or drink. My Mom designed Boeing aircraft, and my hubby is a helicopter mechanic. So I’m pretty familiar with aircraft. I thought it was a falling star, until it changed directions like that. I don’t think it was ET, but I sure would like to know what could cause a light to do that.

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