Lived in a haunted house in Savannah

I’m from Savannah Georgia and when I was kid my parents decided they wanted to move. Our house sold faster than they thought so we ended up moving into this old house my Dad found for us to stay until school was over for the year. My dad’s friends who were locals warned him not to move into that house because it was haunted and that they had heard stories from their elders about that old house. You would hear people laughing and partying, the old piano playing by it self, you would see people in the house, someone who call your name. I had something push me down the flight of stairs that was the scariest thing every. I ended up standing up to it when it pushed me to the ground and started saying child I told it to shut up and leave me it alone. It started messing with my parents after that. My parents saw the ghost of a man, a little girl and an old woman. We ended up leaving that house after three months.

I later learned it was built in the 1800s as an African American church, after the pastor died the members moved the church so the house set abandoned until it became a speakeasy and after that was abandoned and became a house. I know it was abandoned about five years after we left it, someone bought it spent a ton of money restoring it and got scared and left the house and put it back up for sale. It has been vacant until a couple of years old someone is living in it now from what we know. I doubt for very long.

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