Living In A Haunted House

Never believed in ghosts until age 49, moved into an older house with my family and we all experienced it. It didn’t like my small dog because it actually hit the dog many times. The poor dog would howl in pain and hide beside us. It never hurt the cats but the cats could see it. The cats followed the entity with their eyes around the room.

On our last year living in that house, things became crazy, my daughter’s boyfriend came to drop her off and he saw this older female in our bay window looking out as he pulled out of the driveway. We saw shadows, things moving, big bangs on walls, icy areas in rooms, cake mixer turning on by itself in numerous occasions, oven turning on by itself just to name a few.

We got the heck out because my teenage daughter was terrified of sleeping alone and she would hear the female voice talking to her. On once occasion everyone heard this female voice calling my name, I heard it on many occasions.

The experience changed me for ever.

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