Living in a Renovated Barn mid Wales

My ex and I moved into a renovated detached barn in rural mid Wales. It was all open plan with a galleried landing, with two bedrooms at either end. After 3 weeks things started moving around, they would be in one place at night, then another. Lights would go on and off, electrical appliances constantly broke for no reason. As the days progressed we got so jumpy we seriously thought the landlord was coming in at night and moving the furniture. We thought perhaps it was a ploy to get a large deposit off us and then make us leave. We left the keys in the locks, so that ruled him out..

Then one night, we awoke to loud noises downstairs. We thought we had burglars – we could actually hear them downstairs. We were terrified. We jumped out of bed and got behind the door arming ourselves with a pool cue. The heavy footsteps got right up the stairs and to outside our bedroom door – then nothing! Not a sound. We threw open the door and there was no one there.

We moved out about a week later.

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