London UFO

Back in the Nineties my work was in Cambridgeshire, l lived in London, so used to use the M11 regularly for my journey. l was on the road at my normal time of about 4-4-30am, just slightly north of Harlow, the location was very familiar to me, beside this stretch a very well known pop star owns a property. I first noticed two lights, which l assumed was a lorry or bus, approaching them they appeared to be above the ground, l actually stopped on the hard shoulder wondering what it was l was seeing. Whatever it was, my first impression was that it was, perhaps, a Chinnock helicopter because of what seemed to be strobe lights running along its length, but it was completely silent. It moved away in a south easterly direction. Was it a UFO? l honestly do not know, l did mention it to two people later that morning, but people do think you are strange if your otherwise sane logical head mentions something of this magnitude. But lam convinced in what l saw, whatever might be thought by others.

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