Low flying UFO over Cumbria School

I remember this like it was yesterday, my school was in Cumbria, during our lunchtime break the entire school stood and watched a silvery disc shaped air craft fly close overhead. It went over croftlands school field then over the town of ulverston and round the back of the hoad monument then out towards Morecambe bay.

When we all went back into our classes my class was asked to draw exactly what we saw and all the drawings were identical, the next morning at school an aircraft which I now know to be an Hercules flew over the exact same route as the object the previous day, the aircraft had something attached to the side of it not sure what that was ? but once again the school stood and followed that Hercules on the same flight path.

The hercules plane was obviously not remotely similar to the object we had all witnessed the previous day. We all thought it was on a search for the unknown ufo.

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