Magnet UFO

In 2010 in Saint Augustine Florida I was out in the back yard taking my dog out before I went to bed. I lit up a smoke and patiently waited for my lab to do her business. The night sky was cloudless and the stars shimmered as bright as they ever have. I took another drag and began to get lost in thought as I gazed towards the Orion constellation something came into my field of vision as what I can only really describe as a flying horse shoe or your classic magnet. It was shaped almost like a perfect letter U and it was completely silent moving at a moderate pace across the sky. What was most curious about this thing was not just it’s un-aerodynamic shape, it was the bright red light that seemed to flash periodically from underneath it the bottom part of if it toward the rear. The thought occurred to me that this UFO had that little light to try and mimick our commercial aircraft’s required FAA regulated white & red wing tip strobe lights. I watched this object for about a minute it appeared to be going in a straight line but slowly started curving towards the left and I eventually lost site of the thing. To this day I have never heard of or seen anything even remotely like it.

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