Man in a motorcycle crash

My neighbour had a conversation with a stranger who said he’d recently had a motorcycle accident outside the park they were in.

My neighbour then watched him walk down the path to speak to my neighbour’s brother who was playing with his dog near a pond. As the man got near the brother, the dog ran into the middle of the pond and couldn’t be coaxed out. The two men had a chat about the dog and then said goodbye.

The man began to walk away watched by both my neighbour, stood next to his car, and his brother who was still near the pond with the dog who had now come out. He then just disappeared. Both my neighbour and his brother were extremely shocked.

They investigated and found out that a man had been killed in a motorcycle accident in the 50’s outside the park. They told me he was as solid as they were and couldn’t believe he’d been a ghost.

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