Massive Craft Asheville, NC January 2003

In January 2003 I witnessed something that changed me in a way forever. I worked at a furniture store and I was speaking with a older lady that I would have to carpool with to Atlanta the comming weekend for business. The other guy who we were forced to ride with to the hotel and back was really strange and had major OCD tendencies and odd ticks. The man had no mental filter. He was our topic of discussion. We were standing outside the store chatting about him and how weird the trip would be next weekend. As my coworker was talking I broke eye contact and looked above at the crystal clear starrey night in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. It was in that instance in my field of vision in the night sky I saw a UFO spacecraft. I only saw it for a second and a half to two seconds but it made my mouth hang open. It looked to be a large gun metal grey rectangular craft where the front end was narrower and skinnier and the back end which looked to be 4 times the width of the front. It looked to be punching upward and outward of Earth’s atmosphere but it looked HUGE!! The back end emitted a bright blue light that lit up that section of the sky. There was no doubt in my mind in that moment in time that I just saw an Alien spacecraft. I tried to regain eye contact with Martha and act like I was paying attention to what she was saying but I could not focus on a thing she said. I was completely dumb founded and speechless. Eventually we parted ways for the night and I drove home going from feelings of shock to a feeling amazement and excitement. I could not contain myself as soon and as I got home I was going to tell the first family member I found what had happened.. When I walked through the door I spot my sister in the computer room playing solitaire. I anxiously walk up to her and shout ” I just saw a fucking UFO!” she lazily turned her head and looked at me and said “Yeah right.” I repeated myself confidently “No I am serious I just saw a UFO!” She looked irritated at this point and didn’t even look at me and said “Uh huh whatever.” It was at that moment I understood that this was going to be the general reaction from my family member and what I am going to get from most anyone if I try to even speak about this subject. So from then on I kept it to myself and began researching this topic heavily. I never gave life on other planets much thought nor did I have any interest or knowledge of UFOs or ETs. It makes me feel at ease to be able to have a venue to tell my story and not have to carry it as a dark secret that I am affraid to speak on in fear of someone thinking you are a liar or crazy. Out of curiousity I checked NASAs website to see if we had anything launching up there even though I have been to shuttle launches in Florida and I still never saw anything like that. Not even close. Neither the Russians or NASA had anything launch up there at that time…atleast that they admit publicly. I guesstimate this thing was vastly larger than the International Space Station by the sheer size and detail I could make out with just my naked eyes.

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