McDonalds drivethru miracle

I go through the drive thru and i gave my order 3 times she messed it up all 3 times. she finally doesn’t repeat back my order and gives me my total. i get to the window pissed knowing she is gonna fuck up my order. the windows opens slowly and the dumb girl looks at me with a big goofy smile. i try to hand her my credit card and shakes her hand at me saying “nu uh it’s alright it’s been taken care of” and procedes to tell me that a gentleman came through the drive through earlier and paid for the cars behind him with an undisclosed amount and he said to tell the girl at the window to the people who got their free food that his message was that “God loves you.” She said it’s been amazing and the other cars have been so shocked and stunned about this some have cried about it and others were so inspired they kept the trend going and took care of the bill of the car behind them. She smiled at me as she handed me my large bag of food as if expecting me to give back atleast something like the good samaritans that had came through ahead of me. I just said “Thank you” and got the hell out of there. I don’t feel bad about breaking this fast food donation train I was starving.

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