Missing condom

This happened about 5 years ago after a night of drinking with this girl I was interested in. Things were getting hot at the resteraunt we were at so we decided to take things home. We got to my house and my bulldog duke was there to greet us. He was all up in my ladies business. Ignoring him we took things to my bedroom throwing clothes as we took them off on the way. We used protection and had some fun. It got late and she had to leave I guess I left the condom on the floor and quickly dressed to walk her to her car. When I got back inside the condom was gone. I looked everywhere and assumed she had thrown it away until finding out from her she didn’t. The dog must have ate it!

I was freaking out thinking it might hurt my dog but then remembered drug smugglers and prisoners smuggle things in them all the time with no problems. I decided to wait until the next morning before any vet appointments. I take him out the next morning to do his deeds and after he pooped I saw something hanging from his ass. It looked like stringy bubblegum. Eureka it was the condom! Grossly I tugged at it and it came out his chute. The things we go through to get laid, I am much more careful now.

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