Mom’s old house was haunted

The house my mother was born and grew up in was haunted. She and her sisters would see a figure at the end of their bed and footsteps were regularly heard on the stairs. She told me that one day when she was peeling potatoes into a newspaper and stopped to read an article she felt breath on the back of her neck. My older cousin, who also lived in the house, said there was something very cold about the stairs and one of her friends refused to stay in the house with her when our grandparents were away. This was in the early 1900’s before TV.

My mum died at home when I was 13; I could smell lavender on the stairs sometimes when I came home from school. My mum always used Yardley’s Lavender. There is little ‘evidence’ to disprove the existence of ghosts, there are a lot of people who have experienced them – it has nothing to do with TV, people are being more open to admitting it and not feeling foolish. Just because you haven’t experienced something doesn’t mean it isn’t there. -Jan

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