Mr. Osbourne

My best friend told me an interesting story. Her mother was very ill, dying from cancer, in a lot of pain and heavily medicated. My friend was by her bedside constantly and noticed her mother talking as though she was carrying on a conversation. My fried asked her mother “who are you talking to mom?” Her mother replied “I’m talking to a Mr. Delbert M. Osbourne.” My friend had never heard of this person or the name so she asked her mom who Mr. Osbourne was. Her mother said “he’s just a very nice man who comes and talks to me to try to help me.” Her mom died soon after and the family gathered later to read the local newspaper obituary for her mother and were shocked to see that directly above her mother’s obituary was the obituary of a Mr. Delbert M. Osbourne who had died several days before her mother. Strange and unexplainable, but it happened and was real.

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