Multiple UFOs and creature in my room

Hi if you dont believe that there is other life forms out there, you’re extremely narrowminded and ignorant, that is a fact.Look at the world and what we actually live on and the fact that there is a massive unviverse there. Secondly, ive actually seen 4 UFOs…the first two were on new years eve just sitting there in the sky, no noise and they were moving slowly….my mum also saw the same one. I then had a feeling to look outside around 11pm at night and saw another in the sky, i filmed that one. The next i saw was when my mum came running into the house saying she saw one above her. Thirdly, ive seen one up close, in my room. It was in the morning, i had just woken up and looked over to my right and saw something small and dark crouching on the floor staring at me eye to eye. I freaked out and ran out the room. It was not an hallucination, i dont do drugs and im not mad. I still cant get that image out of my head. I saw it in daylight as i leave my curtains open at night. They are definately there, no doubt about it.

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