My 2 personal UFO sightings

After never seeing UFOs for most of my life, and frankly not believing in them, I did see first 2 and then another time about 10-12 in the sky at once about a year or so after the first sighting.

The first 2 were orange disc shaped and moved really quickly and then hovered, like the Jerusalem UFO on your youtube channel. The second sighting was of many large also orange disc shaped stationary objects in the sky which were just there in the sky when I looked up all of a sudden. (both sightings were at night). I still can’t see they had any man-made explanation after several years later.

I was out walking with this friend one night, and suddenly an acquaintance came along unexpectedly and engaged this friend in deep conversation. At this moment, I looked up in the sky and noticed there were (as far as I can remember) about 10 to 12 of these same objects in the sky totally stationary, as far as I could see identical to the first ones I had seen.

I would have liked to have grabbed my friend’s arm and say “look, there they are!”, but because of the unexpected social situation that happened, I couldn’t do so in front of this person, and by the time the acquaintance had left us the UFOs were gone.

The message I intuited from that, was that the UFOs won’t show themselves to everybody for whatever reasons, basically they don’t want to frighten anybody or cause panic. So they are selective, and only gently and discreetly introducing themselves to humanity so as not to cause mass panic and chaos, which you see, if you use your imagination, if you were to be given the sort of “hard evidence” that you think you are seeking, would indeed cause such hysteria and panic.

Try visiting a few Christian fundamentalist conspiracy websites, and you’ll find Christians there who believe UFOs exist, but are demonic beings sent by the devil, and would probably want to launch a military campaign on the UFOs if they were shown real, probably even demanding use of nuclear weapons to get rid of them.

It’s not possible to understand what’s really happening simply by ordinary scientific means, you have to think very deeply about the possible consequences of UFOs showing themselves in a very overt fashion, and if you do that, you’ll figure out fairly easily why they don’t, and thus you can’t get your “hard evidence.”


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