My 2 UFO sightings Douglas, GA 1978 and 1985

One evening I saw one when I was living in a small town called Douglas in Georgia in ’78. I watched what I thought was an amazing view of Mars on our front steps with my youngest daughter. We watched this bright planet or star for a good hour. It was very peculiar the way it twinkled and appeared to be getting closer but we weren’t sure about that. We couldn’t believe it when it started to “wobble.” Then it shot off faster than anything made by man in a flash of light. My daughter kept asking me what that was we just saw take off and I had no words to explain it to her.

And on a very clear spring day in 1985 my husband and I stood on a hill in the lakes watching aircraft (no vapour trails). One airliner came into view being followed by a cigar cylindrical shaped reflective silver object a bit higher above it keeping on the same track as the airplane. This craft was around a third the size of the aircraft.

Look up, one day you may see something not of this world.

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