My brothers Out of body experience and my NDE

About 30 years ago, my youngest brother went on a weekend trip to the Colorado River. My intuition wanted to tell him to stay but I didn’t mention anything not wanting to seem a worry wart. Upon his return, we went out for a movie and dinner. During dinner I mentioned my prior apprehension at his making the trip. His face went blank as he related that while swimming, he became caught in the wakes of passing speedboats, each one pushing him back under the water. He said he kept trying to catch a breath but began to succumb to the lack of oxygen and weakness at struggling to stay afloat. He said while under water, a voice told him to relax, nothing would hurt, it would be easy. He said, ready to listen to the voice, he tried one last time to break the surface.

As he did that, one of his group, fortunately a female lifeguard, reached him and caught him by his long hair and pulled him to shore. He stated that when others carried him on the beach, he was floating in the air above, looking down upon the scene, watching everything as it was occurring. He then said when he was laid upon the shore, he felt the heat of the rocks burning his back and he immediately awoke struggling for his breath.

Years later, I had an episode of anaphylactic shock, which he witnessed and saved my life by rushing me to a nearby hospital. He said I was four shades of blue and days after, in the hospital, I was visited by nurses and orderlies to check on me, telling me that for a while I wasn’t on earth anymore and they didn’t expect me to make it. My brother once asked if I saw myself, similar to his experience and I related no. I said no, possibly because while he was fighting to stay alive, I was just going to sleep with each shortened breath. Either way, I have never doubted that out of body experiences and near death experiences occur. Whether it’s the will of the Man above, physical medication or our own determination to live, we can and do come back.

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