My Call, witnessed UFO up close 200ft long

For most people this can be a touchy subject. For those who have seen fear the negative response that follows. You know that it’s almost improbable to shift one’s paradigm regarding the subject of ufo’s but not impossible…so let me try.
I have seen a ufo up close. At one point it was only 50 ft away from me. It was over 200 ft in length, self illuminating (white with red, blue, yellow, green round lights encircling the middle portion), and shaped much like two halves of the pointy ends of an egg but elongated in the middle portion but flatter on the bottom, and silent in flight.
This sighting lasted just under 15 minutes. When it sped away it left a brief residue of which I can only describe as stretched light. Within 2 seconds it was only a speck of light much like a faint star.
The military jets soon arrived afterwards doing low sweeps.
Let me say this! This subject is to important to lie about and I consider myself to be a man of conscience.
Well I have said my bit. Now it’s up to you. Either I’am lying or my government and I and tens of millions of people all around this globe have seen a ufo……
Your call…

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