My experience in 1967

When I was 16,46 now I was following a relative down the driveway,it was night and my family owned the property on both sides of this road we lived on. Its summer and my old mustang had no AC,my window is down Across from the house was a huge pasture with trees along the edge. My cuz turns right out of the driveway but to my left at 45 degrees I see lights above the trees by the pasture,I turn left and head for them. Above the treeline is this thing,lights coming off and going on randomly. Red,yellow,blue lights coming on and going off,its the size of two tour buses stacked on top of each other and its drifting to my right down the trees hardly moving.NO sound,none from it and Im so close my chest in on my steering wheel and Im looking up at it from under the top of my windshield. Im 80 to 100 feet from it and the lights go out. I see stars,I see night sky. I didnt fly away,it vanished. Not saying this was ETs mother ship,just saying what I saw. TRUE STORY.

It’s a disturbing experience, realizing that there is something out there this is so far outside of our current comprehension and understanding. But no one will believe you, even if you have witnesses and the object performs maneuvers that challenge or defy Newtonian physics. In 1967, I did not have a video camera, and even if I had, it would have been nearly impossible to produce a good image with the darkness.

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