My experiences witnessing 7 UFO vehicles

I’ve been lucky enough to see 7 craft which were definitely doing things beyond supposed current human technological capabilities, one of which flew in a huge circle at immense speeds illuminating clouds as it passed through them.

Another I saw was as large as a city. I’ve seen 3 glowing orbs in formation. One which appeared to be a large flaming ball of fire which was static & flew off. One flew up out of an isolated forest.

I saw a black triangular one near Marlborough which came over when we signaled it before moving off when a military plane turned up & one many years back on Cyprus shortly after the war there, it looked like a very bright star but it moved in a zigzag pattern right above the military planes before stopping and growing dimmer until it disappeared from view. I’m quite prepared to accept logical explanations.

I can’t explain what I’ve seen so I have to have an open mind.

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